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Using Glass to Brighten Your Home


The hottest trends for decorating your home are all over the internet. You can even take a look at prime-time television shows who all offer inspirational and creative ways for updating, transforming and beautifying your home. Whether you are contemplating frameless sliding shower screens or hydroslide shower screens, frameless pool fences or frameless glass balustrades glass has proven itself to be a modern choice for interior designers.

Glass in modern homes is a prominent aspect which, thanks to home design shows, is growing ever popular. It is a luxury addition to home décor that is also as utilitarian as it is chic and modern. For many home DIY enthusiasts they simply overlook glass when customising their home interiors but by doing so they are missing out on the ideal way to brighten up a home.

The Reflective Trick

Glass itself is completely reflective and it is a popular designer trick to increase the presence of light in any room. Additional light makes a room feel larger, more open and emphasises other design accents of the room. Installing a frameless sliding shower screen in your bathroom, especially when it faces a window is a great way to enhance the room with added natural light. Ordinarily a bathroom is not a light filled room but by adding a frameless shower screen you are increasing the feel of the size of the room as well as its openness.

A Designer Tip

If you are deciding to redecorate your home to increase the modern feel and aspect of it glass is hard to go past. Modern home interiors are using glass in unique ways to enhance the natural light, sleek appeal and designer details of the property. Glass balustrades are creative alternatives to out dated handrails. Their use on stairways to replace traditional banisters is a great way to minimise the dampening of light through hardwood railings. Instead glass balustrades reflect light from neighbouring windows and doors to not only increase light on the stairwell but improve safety too. The glass balustrades also capture the feeling of modern appeal with their neutral aesthetic.

Clearly Glass Systems specialise in a range of customisable and modern appeal glass applications. With a creative and helpful team we can assist you in designing the home of your dreams. Our range of frameless shower screens, frameless pool fences, frameless glass balustrades and painted glass splashbacks will enhance and enliven the décor of your home.

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