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Sparkling Clean Glass


Cleaning the bathroom is definitely not a favourite job for most people – especially the frameless glass shower screen.  It can be made much easier with an application of EnduroShield.  This revolutionary product creates a coating on the frameless glass shower screen that makes cleaning a breeze.  Glass that has not been damaged is made very easy to clean.  Many so-called dirty showers are actually scratched and damaged by poor cleaning methods and harsh chemicals.

EnduroShield is best applied to new glass.  All it will ever need is a clean with mild soap and a soft cloth – no toxic sprays, no scrubbing and it will sparkle.

EnduroShield is an Australian developed and manufactured products that prevents build up and adhesion of oils, soap scum and diet – similar to a non-stick fry pan.  It is environmentally safe and able to be applied on site.

Once you have applied EnduroShield it does not need any further maintenance and unlike some products it is not necessary to re-apply annually.

Your shower screen is the most obvious target for this product and it is perfect for frameless shower screens however many people are having EnduroShield applied to frameless glass balustrades, frameless glass pool fences, Opto and hydroslide shower screens – in fact our entire product range.

EnduroShield has been particularly popular and successful on frameless glass pool fences.  Nothing is better than looking through an almost invisible  frameless glass fence to  a beautiful pool sparkling in the sunshine.

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