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Keeping Your Glass Pool Fence Clean Against the Elements


Nothing makes your backyard look more immaculate than a perfectly clear glass pool fence – but how do you keep it clean? Outside, your glass fence is exposed to many elements that want to leave their mark, and it can be tough to keep the glass spotless.

Follow our tips to make light work of your glass pool fence cleaning, and keep your fence looking as sharp as glass.


The first thing to consider is how you can keep the elements away in the first place. Here are a couple ways you can increase your fence defence:

  • Out of reach: Keeping your gardens away from your glass fence will reduce the amount of soil and dirt blown onto it. If you’ve already got a beautiful garden by your pool, make sure there are plants that cover the soil or bark that spreads out over it.
  • Enduroshield: This protective glass coating product is designed to increase your glass’ defence to the elements. With its oily base, water beads up and runs straight off, keeping dirt and watermarks at bay.

Regular Cleaning

Before the age of dishwashers, we got our glass bowls sparkling clean with warm water and regular detergent. You can’t stick your fence in a dishwasher, but that warm water and detergent provides the same simple and effective solution to cleaning your glass pool fence. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Wipe off any excessive dirt
  • Spot-clean any bird poo or excessively built-up areas of dirt and grime
  • Use a sponge or gentle cloth to apply the warm water and detergent solution
  • Wash off with clean water (you can use a hose)
  • Let it air-dry or use a squeegee for a higher-quality finish, eliminating residue or drying marks.

You can use this cleaning method on the stainless steel bases and hinges of your fence, too.

Lazy-Day Cleaning

If you want a quicker clean for those lazy days, encourage the kids to splash away. Have a water-fight in the backyard and put the kids’ energy to good use. This won’t give you a sparkling finish, but it will help wash off any dirt and built-up grime. Just be sure to hose down the glass with clean water afterwards, to keep the pool water from leaving a mark.

If you’d like a more modern and elegantly styled fence around your pool, Clearly Glass have glass pool fences on offer that are built to fit in seamlessly and complement your whole backyard. Contact our friendly team today and discover the possibilities.

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